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Insulated Panel




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Insulated Panel Panel Finish Core Material Core Material Profile Detail Core Material  

Core Material

PIR (Polyisocyanurate) Cored Panels

Polyisocyanurate, referred to as PIR, is essentially an improvement on polyurethane (PUR).

The use of PIR cored panels will virtually eliminate the risk of mould and bacterial growth due to their ability to resist moisture ingress and vapour. PIR panels are fibre free, so there is no threat of loose fibres contaminating the internal environment. They incorporate a panel joint that achieves excellent thermal performance and can accommodate  vapour and hygiene safe seals. The joints are sealed with silicone for a continuous anti-bacterial barrier.

Polyisocyanurate core insulated panels are fire rated and suitable for use in all hygienic and temperature controlled or ambient environments.

Mineral Wool Fibre

Mineral Wool Fibre insulation comprises of mineral rock fibres bonded together with thermo setting resins to form the insulant materials. The superior fire ratings and the non-combustibility of the mineral wool make this panel especially suitable for high fire risk locations, and all hygienic and temperature controlled or ambient environments, where the temperature range they are being exposed to is 0 degrees C or above.

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Panel Finish

Panel finishes usually have a substrate of hot dipped galvanised coated steel giving excellent corrosion resistance. Steel facings are generally available in 0.5mm, 0.55mm, 0.6mm and 0.7mm thicknesses.

The panels are then finished in a range of finishes such as: 

  • White Food Safe Laminate
  • Grey Primer (for unseen areas)
  • Smooth Polyester
  • Textured Polyester
  • Coloured PVC

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Panels can be produced with a flat face or with various types of rib to suit the design criteria of the installation.

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